Coaching Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals
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We’re looking for motivated and experienced coaching professionals that will support our international Accelerate2030 finalists on the journey to scaling their impact.  They have been selected out of more than 150 impact-driven ventures from across 16 countries: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa, Serbia, Turkey, Armenia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia. 

 Learn more about last year’s experience of Accelerate2030 coaches.

As an Accelerate2030 Coach you’ll be having a key role during the support program Oct 2019 – April 2020, accompanying one of the entrepreneurs in achieving their scaling goals and addressing the obstacles they face. More specifically, in the period of 6 months, you will be engaged in:

  1. Coaching: Help the venture move forward from shaping their scaling objectives to achieving their milestones.
  2. Learning & Support: Challenging and providing constructive feedback, while enabling supportive environment for self-reflection and development of the entrepreneur (and their team members)
  3. Connection: Connecting with the other A2030 coaches to ensure peer learning, support, and growth to the A2030 finalists & A2030 network




The expected engagement is approximately 2-4 hours per month, over 6 months, which is flexible and dependent on the specific venture and the goals you set together. 

This includes:

  • 1 onboarding session with Accelerate2030
  • Introduction session with ventures (either in person in Geneva, between 7th – 11th Oct)
  • 2-4 hours of coaching per month with the venture, suggested to be split over 1.5 hour sessions every 2 weeks.
  • 30min monthly check-in with the A2030 team 
  • Quarterly peer session with other coaches.




As a coach, you have the unique opportunity to leverage your expertise and networks to bring impact-driven entrepreneurs the support they need in order to scale their impact. 

This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Becoming a member of our multi-stakeholder community of impact-driven entrepreneurs, coaches, experts, investors, corporate partners, international organisations and others.
  • Opportunity to work with ventures from developing contexts, with proven impact and high scaling potential.
  • Visibility in A2030 communication activities (website, social media, events)
  • Get involved in a pioneering SDG – related entrepreneurship programme


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Deadline: 27th September 2019



The coaches of Accelerate2030 are all very experienced in the context of the SDGs and the challenges social entrepreneurs are facing. Our coaches focus on effective impact scaling beyond financial profit and they each have a solid understanding of the requirements to run a business. Accelerate2030 brings along an enormous wealth of knowledge and expertise in coaching. Our coaches are driven by the principles of empowering individuals. In addition, they provide access to international networks and are always eager on connecting people, vision, knowledge and value.


Biliana Vassileva

Creativity, Innovation, Failure,
Systemic Executive, Team  & Organisational Coaching,
Design Thinking

Louise Le Gat
Positive Energy at Work, Meaningful Careers, Inspirational & Transformational Leadership, Evolution Leader Coaching & Facilitation

Jane Lauterback
Coaching , Facilitation, Talent & Strategy Development, Empowering Dynamic Leadership

Christine Billy
Coaching for Health

Andrés Novoa
Leadership, Strategy, Knowledge Management, Coaching and

Katrin Hauser
Leadership,  Business Models, System Thinking, Complexity Management, Open Innovation, Value Based Organisations, Co-Creation & Collective Impact Initiatives

Simone Reeves
Organisational Effectiveness, Systemic Change, Culture & Future of Work, Team & Personal Leadership

Tanya Murphy
Monitoring &  Evaluation, Impact Measurement, Project Direction  & Facilitation

Nadene Canning
Leadership, Strategy, Sustainability, Innovation & Future of Work

Colleen Jack
Learning  & Development, Systems Thinking, Executive Coaching  & Consultant of Business Leaders

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Deadline: 27th September 2019