“AgroCognitive is an affordable and smart precision farming platform that will help to improve food production for every size of farm.”



The Problem

Small land farmers in most of the world experience lower productivity and efficiency because they do not have proper tools to run their business effectively, and they do not have extra capital to invest in tech solutions. According to FAO, there are roughly 55,000,000 small farms in Latin America.

It is now highly important to face the challenge of increasing crops yields and productivity in Latin America to meet FAO food production expectations by 2030. Yet, many Latin American farmers experience barriers to increasing productivity including inefficient use of agriculture supplies, late detection of crop affectations, and a lack of analytics tools. 

The Solution

AgroCognitive is an affordable and smart precision farming platform for every farm size and food industry. It is powered by an artificial intelligence (AI) visual recognition engine, analytics models, blockchain, and compatible with IoT management devices.

Farmers place data and images into our platform which returns key diagnostics and analytics about what is happening in their crops, recommended actions, what they can expect for crop yields, and other important KPIs.

Our goal is to make agriculture sustainable again and help farmers increase food production, earn more money and reduce environmental impact.


  • Current Market: Venezuela (sugarcane crops currently)
  • Target Markets (2020-21): Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica with Corn (maize), rice and oatmeal crops





Key Facts

  • More than 20,000 hours have been invested by AgroCognitive since 2017 to develop, test and validate the technology with crop fields in Venezuela
  • Won PEOPLE CHOICE AWARD in “Desafío Cognitivo 2017” (an AI contest in LATAM)
  • The AI engine has been trained with more than 25,000 crop images
  • AgroCognitive impacted +300 sugarcane farmers to increase their productivity and efficiency (now expanding to corn, rice, and oatmeal crops). 

Impact to Date

Below you will find some of the impact numbers of this venture to date. 

Particpating farms

have reported 


economic savings related to agricultural supplies.

  • AgroCognitive platform has 86% accuracy in prediction crop yields model. 86% 86%
  • 75% accuracy of visual recognition rate to identify crop affectations. 75% 75%

Particpating farms

have recorded a


increase in crop yields since 2017.

Investors and Partners

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Media Inquiries

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