How Has A2030 Benefited Local Communities?

How Accelerate 2030 has benefited local communities around the world?

Claudia Valladares, Co-Founder and Member of the Impact Hub Global Partnerships Taskforce, Impact Hub Caracas, Venezuela

“Accelerate2030 program has created awareness on social development goals. Not everyone already knew that they existed. We have also been able to support local entrepreneurs and corporations inS an innovative way. One of our partners is oil and gas company Total, and it is great to work with partners outside our own sector.”

Ruy Camargo, Co-Founder of Impact Hub Sao Paolo, Brazil

“The political atmosphere in Brazil has changed and the country is not a very favorable for start-ups at the moment. Considering that Accelerate2030 is a very international program, it offers a unique opportunity for any start-up or innovator to be connected to a global community of international  stakeholders. Government partners give us credibility .”

Cansu Öner, Impact Hub Istanbul, Turkey

“Local start-ups that applied to the program gained visibility, and the UNDP endorsement helped us immensely. The program is very unique, and the international element of Accelerate2030 is incredibly powerful: it puts the program at a different level across all other start-up support programs. The next edition is going to be a longer process, which is great, because a single event is not sufficient in supporting entrepreneurs.”

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