Global Finalist Profile

Enwise’s dry anaerobic digestion technology processes organic waste on-site to generate clean, renewable energy. The compact on-site system also cuts out carbon emissions in a typical waste transfer chain.



The Problem

We generate globally 1.3 billion ton per year of food waste on the earth. The food waste is one of the main organic waste types in our daily life, besides that,  we have billons tons more organic waste need to be treated properly and won‘t have negative environmental impact on our planet. Heading to the goals published in Paris commitment by 2030, the world is in rapid transition from traditional fossil fuel to renewable energy. Finding a sustainable way to process organic waste  while generating renewable energy becomes more and more important in recent years.

The Solution

Enwise develops modular and connected organic waste digesters for food industries and food distribution chains. Through a dry anaerobic process, Enwise transforms organic waste into energy and fertilizer efficiently. Installed on-site for a closed-loop system to reduce carbon output, its digital AI system constantly supervises and adjust conditions to maximize its bioenergy output. Its systems are compact and one of the most energy-efficient systems in its class.

Zhuoya LI

Co-Founder & Coo

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