Unique scaling support

We identify the most innovative businesses in emerging and developing countries tackling the Sustainable Development Goals. Our program provides one-of-a-kind scaling support to entrepreneurs through National Scale-Ready Programs across Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America,  followed by a Global Scaling Program for those with the highest international scaling potential.


Accelerate2030 is for ventures that:

Impact on SDGs

effectively address a substantial issue linked to the Sustainable Development Goals


have a solution and business model with the potential to be replicated and scaled to other contexts

Growth Stage

show traction and demonstrate impact already


have a team that demonstrates ambition and skills to scale their solution

Our process

Support pillars

We enable entrepreneurs to scale their impact sustainably through:

Leadership & resilience

We support entrepreneurs to align their inner purpose with their greater impact vision. A2030 focuses on enhancing leadership skills, and practices for increased resilience.

Scaling Strategy

We help to formulate the most effective scaling strategy, summarized in a clear scaling roadmap with key performance indicators and key areas of support.

Access to finance

Access to funds and resources to scale is critical for our entrepreneurs. Our value lies in supporting finalists to become investment-ready through exclusive investment events.

Impact Measurement

We help to measure, manage and communicate impact, incorporating Theory of Change, Key Performance Indicators, and aligning impact metrics with SDGs.

Network and Partners

We provide strategic connections, expert mentorship and networking opportunities with sector experts, investors, corporates, UN agencies and other relevant stakeholders.

Entrepreneur testimonials

Duygu Yilmaz

Co-founder and CEO of Biolive

Javier Soto

Co-founder and CEO of AgroCognitive

Rafael Figueroa

Co-founder and CEO of Portal Telemedicina

Mauricio Schnider

Co-founder of Impact Hub Belo Horizonte

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