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The world’s leading program for entrepreneurial solutions towards the Sustainable Development Goals

Catalysing innovative startups in emerging and developing economies 

We believe in the power of business for transformative change, and that entrepreneurs have a key role to play in accelerating the achievement of the 2030 Agenda. It is with this conviction that we launched Accelerate2030 out of Geneva, acting as a connector between the Geneva ecosystem and local entrepreneurial communities across the world.


Our unique approach

We identify the most innovative businesses tackling our world’s most pressing challenges and support them with our sustainable scaling approach.

Sustainable Human

Building sustainability for the entrepreneurs and their teams, and enabling them to thrive as conscious leaders.

Sustainable Business

Supporting entrepreneurs to scale to new markets, access resources, build strong partnerships, and measure their impact.

Sustainable Economy

Driving a shift towards a healthier, more sustainable approach to business growth.

Locally rooted, globally connected 

We leverage the strengths and reach of the global Impact Hub network, United Nations organisations, corporates, investors and expert partners to scale entrepreneurial innovations while contributing to a shift towards a more sustainable economy.

480+ entrepreneurs,
32 locations

We provide one-of-a-kind scaling support to entrepreneurs through National Scale-Ready Programs across Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, followed by a Global Scaling Program for those with the highest international scaling potential.


Our impact

Accelerate2030 connects a like-minded community of SDG-inspired entrepreneurs, large companies, development agencies, governments, UN agencies, investors and others, who want to contribute with their expertise, resources and networks towards a shared mission of building a better more sustainable economy and society.

Sustainable scaling in numbers

Participating Countries

Entrepreneurs Supported



Meet our ventures

“When we started Accelerate2030, we were barely beginning to understand international business and how we wanted to scale the company. Now, we are an international company with its headquarters in Amsterdam, and operations in the UK and Costa Rica. Thanks to all the support at Accelerate2030 we were able to develop, improve and execute such a strategy.”

Alejandro Ortega

Alejandro Ortega

Co-Founder and CEO

Costa Rica Insect Company & Sibö

“Accelerate2030 gives us a direct phone line to Geneva, which is a key ingredient for us to scale quickly. Having connections in Geneva contributes to the influence of the company and is attrac- tive to potential investors. The sustainable piece of the program was also really transformative. Nobody offers this at the level and quality at which Accelerate2030 achieves this.”

Laura Mendoza

Laura Mendoza

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer


“Our connection to the global Impact Hub network has been very useful. We’ve been able to engage with fellow entrepreneurs and our local Impact Hub in Nigeria. Working with my Accelerate2030 coach was one of the best experiences, which helped both me and my team. A very big thank you to the Accelerate2030 team for creating the platform and for bringing value to entrepreneurs from different parts of the globe!”

Samuel Odunya

Samuel Odunya

Associate Director

Impact Water

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