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Join the world’s largest scaling program connecting entrepreneurship and

the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Welcome to Accelerate2030 -Zimbabwe


Accelerate2030 is the world’s largest program supporting entrepreneurs from developing and emerging markets to scale their solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

We leverage the expertise and reach of the global Impact Hub network, United Nations organizations, corporates, investors and expert partners to bring impact to scale!

Are you a start-up and want to scale your impact?

Join a global community of entrepreneurs, corporates, UN agencies, investors and expert partners across 32+ locations across the world!

Why join Accelerate2030?

Through the Accelerate2030 Scale Readiness program, we enable you to shape and implement your scaling strategy. We build a program based on your specific needs and connect you with experts, mentors, and partners with the mission to scale your impact.

Expert support

Clinics and workshops, and access to mentors and coaches and sector experts.

Strategic connections

We connect you with investors, international organizations, and corporations.

Visibility and positioning

 We help you step out of your comfort zone and step onto the stage.

Global opportunities

Top ventures are nominated to the Accelerate2030 Global Scaling Program.

2023 Focus Areas

While accelerate2030 supports solutions to any SDG, we are particularly looking for solutions related to , access to Food, Clean Water, Good Health and Wellbeing and Circularity etc.

Bring your Impact to Scale

Million funds raised during the program

Recommend Accelerate2030 to a peer entrepreneur

Increased their readiness to scale

Expert mentorship & coaching hours

Who can join?

If you are an innovative business tackling a pressing social and/or environmental  issue related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and ready to invest what it takes to bring your venture to the next level.

 We select ventures based on their:

Impact on the SDGS

Your solution effectively addresses a substantial issue linked to the SDGs.


Your solution has the potential to be replicated and scaled to other contexts.

Growth Stage

Your venture shows traction and demonstrates impact already.

Skillfull Team

Your team demonstrates ambition and skills to scale your solution.


Program Timeline

Accelerate2030 provides one-of-a-kind scaling support to entrepreneurs through a National Scale-Readiness Programs in over 20 countries worldwide, followed by a Global Scaling Program hosted out of Geneva for those with the highest international scaling potential.

The key dates in Zimbabwe are:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main components of the Accelerate2030 Scale-Ready program?

The program offers personalized guidance, workshops, mentoring, peer support, retreats and online course content, in 5 major pillars:

  1. Leadership & Resilience – We support entrepreneurs to align their inner purpose with their greater impact vision. A2030 focuses on enhancing leadership skills, and integrating practices for increased resilience and wellbeing. 
  2. Scaling Strategy – We help to formulate the most effective scaling strategy, summarized in a clear scaling roadmap with key performance indicators and key areas of support needed.
  3. Access to Finance – Assisting entrepreneurs to mobilize the resources needed to scale, through investment readiness support and connections with relevant sources of funding. 
  4. Impact Measurement – We help to measure, manage and communicate impact, including their Theory of Change, Key Performance Indicators, and aligning their impact metrics with the SDGs.
  5. Access to Networks and Partners – We provide strategic connections, expert mentorship and networking opportunities with sector experts, investors, corporates, UN agencies and other relevant stakeholders.

What are the exact dates of the program?

The program is now open for applications until the end of May. The National Scale-Ready Programs will run between Jun – Jul 2023. The nominations for the global phase and the international selection will take place in Jul and the global phase will take place between Jul 2023 – Nov 2023.

Where does Accelerate2030 take place?

Accelerate2030 takes place across 20+ locations globally, including your country. The program has a few phases taking place in different locations:

  • The National Scale-Readiness Program takes place locally in Zimbabwe/Harare.
  • Global Scaling Program and Global Scaling week in Geneva Switzerland or Monterrey, Mexico.
  • Global Scaling Support phase that takes place virtually, following the Global Scaling Week.

What are the requirements to be accepted into Accelerate2030?

In general, we look for teams that meet the following requirements: a founding team of at least two people, open to coaching and personal development. At least one technical co-founder. All key members committed full-time. Founders need to be based in Harare for the duration of the program. For the record, it is possible to be accepted without meeting all of these requirements, but your chances are far better if you fit the above profile.

I don’t speak English, is it a problem?

For the National Scale-Readiness phase speaking English is not an exclusion criteria. However, please note that some of the content will be offered by global partners of the Program in English, so to make the most of the program it would be ideal  have a business representative fluent in English. For the Global phase, having a company representative fluent in English will be a requirement.

Will we receive an investment if our company is selected?

The program does not provide any type of direct financial investment. However, through the Access to Finance component, the program supports you in advancing your readiness  to access the needed funding, and provides connections with funding sources. The last global cohort of the program  raised 6Mill+ USD.

Are there costs associated with program participation?

No, there are no costs associated with participating in the program.

Will I recieve investment if my development is selected?

No. The program does not provide for any type of direct financial investment for the selected businesses. The Accelerate methodology foresees the existence of an Investment Preparation workshop and connections with funding sources of funds, but at no time should there be an expectation that businesses will effectively receive investment-related counterparts. Maybe mention of 6 Million funds raised?

Tofara Online

One of the highlights of our organization was being selected to be part of the Accelerate2030 programme. The programme provided intensive and time-limited business support to get us ready for investments, grants, sponsorships, and even partnerships. This opportunity changed the way we run our projects, from consultancy to training of women and SMEs.

Tofara Chokera
Co-founder and CEO


Meet the Team

We are a team powered by the Impact Hub network, accelerating entrepreneurs’ impact on the 2030 Agenda. The Accelerate2030 – Zimbabwe edition is locally led by Impact Hub Harare, and supported by our amazing network of experts, coaches and thought leaders across the globe.

Tadzoka Pswarayi

Tadzoka Pswarayi

Partnerships and Fundraising Lead

Auxicillia Rabwi

Auxicillia Rabwi

Partnerships and Fundraising Lead

Hope Muchanyuka

Hope Muchanyuka

National Coordinator

Mukudzeishe Kasukusa

Mukudzeishe Kasukusa

Communication Lead

Our Impact

Accelerate2030 connects a like-minded community of SDG-inspired entrepreneurs, large companies, development agencies, governments, UN agencies, investors and others, who want to contribute with their expertise, resources and networks towards a shared mission of building a better more sustainable economy and society.

Our Trusted Partners

Accelerate2030 connects a like-minded community of SDG-inspired entrepreneurs, large companies, development agencies, governments, UN agencies, investors and others, who want to contribute with their expertise, resources and networks towards a shared mission of building a better more sustainable economy and society.

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