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The Impact Hub Cotonou (IHC) aims to be a platform for training; financing and support for start-ups and SMEs in Benin. We want to be an enabling environment for startups to create, grow and reach their potential while creating jobs.

Impact Hub Cotonou (IHC)


The Problem

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Analysis, unemployment hits young people hardest, and worse, women, especially those aged 25-34, who make up 38.9% of the unemployed, including 35.4% of women and 42.1% of men. 

In regards to this, entrepreneurship remains one of the most valid alternatives for absorbing the high unemployment rate in Benin. Young people entering to the labour market faced considerable difficulties, mainly lack of access to support and advisory services, quality training, entrepreneurship culture, viable business plans, and obstacles to access to finance.

The Solution

Offer decent employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, resources and global exposure to young people in Benin . Facilitate access to knowledge platform and sustainable impact at scale for informal and formal economy actors through  Impact Hub network.

Raoul Dansi

Co-founder &

Programs Development Manager

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