Impact Water Nigeria is a social enterprise dedicated to scaling safe drinking water solutions in Nigeria. To date, IW has installed safe drinking water systems in over 8,000 Nigerian schools, reaching over 3m students. 

Impact Water


The Problem

There are billions of people around the world who have access to piped water or an improved source (such as a borehole or covered spring) but whose water is undeniably unsafe for human consumption. Institutions, such as schools, throughout the developing world, need to provide drinking water to hundreds of millions of beneficiaries per day but are often unaware of technologies that can be used to treat their water. For institutions that are familiar with safe water technologies options, the system costs are out of reach for many, as limited suppliers sell on a cash basis and the upfront investment, which is typically too high given their scarce resources.

More than 40% of diarrhea with children is considered attributable to the school environment, and the provision of safe water at schools is also one of the ‘highly effective practices in increasing access and learning outcomes”.

The Solution

Impact Water Nigeria is a scalable social business which delivers safe water to developing country institutions, such as schools and health facilities. It does this via the sale, installation, and maintenance of water purification systems which use established technologies (such as multistage UV systems, automated chlorine treatment, and tablets, UF, RO, pre-treatment media, etc.) that perform effectively for decades with relatively simple, preventive maintenance.

Credit services allow customers to pay for their systems overtime when needed (up to one year) and installment payments are timed with the unique cash flows of customers. For example, a school will pay Impact Water only 3x per year following the receipt of school fees for each of the school year’s three terms. This is game-changing for schools, not only because Impact Water’s credit services don’t require collateral (which schools rarely have to offer) but also because the payment cycle is so much more manageable.


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Key Facts

  • IW does not have any direct competitors in the sense that we know of no one else focused on safe drinking water solutions in Nigerian schools, and that has designed its product and service offering to meet the needs of schools.

  • IW has established extensive relationships with the Nigerian Government including 17 State Governments

  • IW is in almost 10,000 schools and reaching nearly 4m students already and plans to triple this impact before the end of 2019, with over $525,000 in revenue to date.

Impact to Date

Below you will find some of the impact numbers of this venture to date. 

Number of End Users

Number of Partnerships with Nigerian Government States

Number of Paying Customers

Investors and Partners

We invite you to join us in Geneva, Switzerland to learn about this venture and the other ten 2019 Accelerate2030 global finalists. Please contact us to learn how you can engage with us.

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