“An innovative waste processing solution using carbonisation technology (heat radiation) to efficiently decompose any kind of solid waste (organic & inorganic) into carbon for organic agriculture and other industries.”



The Problem

Currently about 2.01 billion metric tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) are produced annually worldwide. An estimated 13.5% of today’s waste is recycled, 5.5% composted, and  31% ends up in the overcapacity landfill. This leaves a remaining 50% of total waste generated worldwide which is not managed properly, and instead dumped on land, in rivers and seas, as well as openly burned.

This is a problem because:
1. Overcapacity landfills: Creating new landfills is very expensive, overcapacity issues have created major problems such as waste landslides killing hundreds of individuals, and explosions due to methane build-up and contact with fire sparks.
2. Waste that is discarded on land releases toxins in our soil, affecting our ground water reservoirs. Organic waste created methane gas which causes negative environmental impacts.
3. Waste that is discarded in rivers and seas causes significant risk to marine life.
4. Open burning of waste releases toxic gases and carcinogenic compounds, endangering human health.

There are plenty of gaps that need to be addressed :
1. Efficient waste transportation from source to waste processing facility. This is important because without proper distribution, people will burn their waste or throw it in the rivers.
2. Waste processing capacity versus daily waste creation rate. This is important because without the ability to process waste landfills will get bigger, posing environmental and health risks.
3. Unit economics for waste processing are not sustainable because they are unable to create high value output from the process. This is important because without an economically sustainable solution, any kind of programs or facility will not achieve scale.


The Solution

We convert any kinds of solid waste (organic, anorganic, electronic, toxic, dry or humid) to active carbon and other useful outputs. The solution we developed is called carbonisation technology, invented by Dr Ishenny, our Chief Scientist.

We offer solid waste processing as a service to our clients. We charge on IDR / tonnes basis depending on the client model, scale, and waste type.

In addition we have an output that we sell as a commodity directly. These include:

  • Active carbon / biochar: soil remediation to increase crops productivity for agriculture, better building materials for real estate, and many more potential use cases.
  • Liquid smoke: disinfectant to remove bad smell for industrial and home usage, organic pesticide, fungiside and herbiside for agriculture.
  • Liquid carbon: organic fertilisers for agriculture.
  • Syn-gas: a cleaner alternative to LNG, which be used for home cooking and gas electricity generator.






Fast Facts

  • Sampangan utilizes carbonisation technology, invented by Dr Ishenny, our Chief Scientist. Through this process we turn waste into carbon using heat transfer process, and neutralize the smoke using hydrocyclone process.
  • We DO NOT burn the waste hence saving us from having to release toxins to the air, land and water.
  • We currently provide waste processing as a service to :
    – local governments (residential areas, villages, temporary landfill, final landfill),
    – industrial areas,
    – private cities/apartments/residential areas,
    – agriculture plantations and
    – waste transporters.

Markets and Scaling Ambitions:

  • Current Markets: We are currently working across Indonesia in 4 cities including South Sumatera Government (Palembang City and Ogan Hilir Regency), Jakarta City, Bali, Tarakan City (North Kalimantan).
  • Scaling Ambitions: To solve waste problems across Southeast Asia including first in Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Suriname.

The technology will work across various regions with attention to local regulations.

The Sampangan team 

has brought together over

years of experience from multiple industries; biochemical engineering, digital, banking, real estate and more.

The Sampangan team

has partnered with over

Entities, Organisations, and governments in Indonesia

Investors and Partners

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