“Our mission is to eliminate the usage of chemicals in agriculture through our technology which enables farmers to produce their own biofungicide, biopesticide, and other necessary products in agriculture.”



The Problem

  • Usage of chemicals in agriculture: Chemicals are killing the soil and breaking its balance, as the products not only kill the diseases but also natural enemies. New evidence is demonstrating that this has an impact on multi-drug resistant bacteria, which is a serious threat to health globally.
  • Affordable agriculture: Agriculture is changing as plants adapt to increase in pesticides. This causes an increase in cost of agricultural product to maintain the same quality of product, thereby increasing the cost of fresh food globally.  

The Solution

We have developed an integrated technology comprised by a complete programme of products and services for biological pest management on farm. This programme includes:

  1. Labfarm: a laboratory for the production of bacteria and fungi on farm, following industrial patterns and standards.
  2. Biofabrica On Farm: an equipment with proprietary technology for multiplication of fungi and bacteria of agricultural use in the farm.
  3. Solufarm: A kit with bacteria and fungi, sanitizer, antifoam and the food for growing the bacteria/fungi.
  4. Support On Farm: A professional team to support farmers to produce biological products on farm: Training people, checking processes, recommending treatments, checking results, checking customer satisfaction and more.

Markets and Scaling Ambitions:

  • Current Markets: Brazil
  • Scaling Ambitions: Latin America (Argentina or Paraguay), In EU (Italy or Portugal), in Africa (Nigeria), in North America (Mexico) and in Oceania (Australia).





Fast Facts

  • We have a team comprised by different profiles including technology, biotech, law, and business. Such diversity allow us to have a 360° view of our company and industry.
  • Our business model is B2F: Business to farmer. Our clients are medium and large farmers in Brazil (producing in more than 1.000 hectares), who have adopted innovation on their business before and are capable to measure results. 
  • We are the “Nespresso  of agribusiness”. We supply the machine, the capsule and the technical assistance so farmers can produce your own pesticide on the farm.

Impact to Date

Below you will find some of the impact numbers of this venture to date. 

Solubio on-farm pesticide production technology enables growers to reduce their costs by up to


Solubio is serving over


HA of crops with the integrated management system ONFARM®

Solubio has achieved 

more than

large producers in the states of GO, BA, MG TO, PI, MT, MS and RS.

Investors and Partners

We invite you to join us in Geneva, Switzerland to learn about this venture and the other ten 2019 Accelerate2030 global finalists. Please contact us to learn how you can engage with us.

Media Inquiries

Please contact:

Annie Freyschlag
Communications and Programme Assistant