Global Finalist Profile

We have a novel of locally built and repurposed solar powered mobile clinics with Telemedicine and all other primary healthcare digital tools to enable us to serve the underserved.



The Problem

More than 70% of the Zimbabwean population is in the informal sector and need affordable healthcare services. We cater for the bottom of the pyramid by providing accessible, quality and affordable healthcare services in marginalized communities and reduce the current walking distance of 7kms to at least 1km by year 2025. It is important to try and reduce high mortality rates in pregnant women who have to walk long distances to access the nearest healthcare facilities as well as provide post abortion care and counseling for the youths suffering from drug abuse.

The Solution

ZimbosAbantu Healthcare on wheels (ZimbosAbantu) is an ingenious social innovation of locally built mobile clinics, that combines health technologies such as telemedicine and medical internet of things, renewable energy and the need for better healthcare services in Zimbabwe through “mobility”,  mobile clinics, offering anywhere, anytime access to inclusive and affordable primary healthcare.

Chiedza Mushawedu

Co-Founder & Managing Director